Power Your Remote Workforce

Enabling remote connetivity and security for your workforce

Connecting the remote workforce

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Two free solutions to manage
your remote workforce

Hypersocket offers you and your workforce complete access to internal files, websites and applications. With selective access Hypersocket gives your users access to only the resources they need without having to open up your entire network.

Hypersocket VPN

Access company apps and data anywhere

Get LAN-like connectivity to all your internal applications and data no matter where you are in the world. Hypersocket’s hybrid VPN provides role based access to any internal application, website, filesystem so you can take your office with you.

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Hypersocket VPN

Hypersocket File Transfer Server

All your files, available where you are

Manage access to FTP, SFTP, WebDav, Amazon S3 fileystems and give your mobile workforce access to vital internal data whenever and wherever they are in the world. With an in-depth trigger system admins can also automate mundane file processing tasks.

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Hypersocket File Transfer Server


Hybrid remote access giving your users LAN-like remote access

Say goodbye to restrictions with current remote access solutions and say hello to Hypersocket, giving you all the benefits of current VPNs and File Transfer systems without the limitations

Hypersocket Remote Access

More Access

Unlike conventional remote access solutions Hypersocket allows you to connect to any internal resource just as if you were in the office. Access internal applications with RDP, terminal sessions or native file-explorers, make everything seamless for your remote workforce.

More Control

Least-privileged access is at the heart of Hypersocket security, with role-based access control you get the freedom to ensure the right users have access to right resources, giving you the power to build a remote access environment that’s in-tune with your organizations security policy.

More Power

Proactive monitoring and automation notifies you whenever someone fails to authenticate or when high-profile resources are accessed. Define your rules to automatically block unexpected access or email IT without intervention. Let Hypersocket be your eyes and ears.

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